Saturday, March 17, 2012

Overhaul - Energon

Again, another show I didn't watch. Apparently at some point the transformers got their own planets. Heeyaawww, this guy was apparently from the jungle planet. They come with a thingy mcbob that as a symbol of their planet on it and when inserted into the slot, it unlocks a special this case..he fires his gun.

Even though this guy is one of the smaller toys, he's very well put together..has some nice weight to him and is very solid.

I like the claws on him..reminds me of wolverine of course.

He's pretty good for posing swell, although his arms do a little bow pose because of how he that's a little odd.

But overall, I like em.

Here is trying to tame the all mighty Mooseatron.


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  2. Hey Randy, sorry, I haven't done a post on here in ..well years. Life and all that gets in the way..but thinking about starting up again. When I do,,I'd be glad to give you a shout out. :)