Saturday, February 25, 2012

Soundwave - Animated

By far, probable one of the more popular characters in the franchise.I never watched the animated series, so I don't know how they portray any of the characters or anything like that. But from the design here, its always cool to see them keep that homage to the big bulky chest.

The Truck itself is pretty slick. He holds together really well when he is transformed.

His overall design, seems clunky, not the best pose able design, but just okay.

Laser beak I'm not too keen on. Too simple for my liking and looks way too big. A fun variation on the old classic for sure.

He seemed pretty excited here, that was until I lost all respect for him when I found out he was listen to Justin Beiber.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cheetor - Beastwars

My first blog posting will be of Cheetor from the Beastwars series. This guy isn't from the original line, he is a re-release from a few years ago. But I don't care if they are originals or not, I just like transformers in general. I even take them out of the boxes, oh my!!

He transformation is pretty easy and its nice little piece, compact and its not too basic. I like em..I don't know if he follows the original design, but its a good one.

The cat formation is pretty ..well not well put together, the legs are really stiff looking, but hey, its not too bad.

Here he is, he wanted some peanut butter, I told him to to ahead if he can reach it.mmm, peanut butter.